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Young people say bullying is an issue – OECD survey

Sad student with head in handsThe first OECD PISA assessment has asked for students’ responses to questions on their well-being.

Despite many young people being happy, the survey found that bullying was a significant problem in schools across the OECD countries. On average, around one student per class experiences physical bullying “at least a few times per month” – Read more ›

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IT Asset Management solution for schools adds new features

NetSupport DNA dashboard on laptopSchools in the UK are obliged to track students’ internet activities with the aim of keeping them safe while they are in school.

Many have filtering solutions in place, but some go much further than this – offering schools the opportunity not only to keep their students safe with tools in a safeguarding Read more ›

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Palestine gets its first ever education law

Stack of booksThe first ever Palestinian education law has been approved by the Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas.

The new law will bring important changes to education in the Palestinian territories and will replace the current Jordanian law in the West Bank and the Egyptian law in the Gaza Strip. Read more ›

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Niger higher education may change after violent demonstrations

Grey and red megaphoneStudents in Niger will get the higher education changes they have been demonstrating about for the past week.

The mass protests that took place in the capital city, Niamey, saw 313 arrests made and 109 people injured – while one student lost their life in the name of education reform. Read more ›

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Ethnic Divide in Kosovo mirrored in higher education sector

Flag of KosovoA new report into the higher education system in Kosovo reveals that despite the integration work done over the years, its universities reflect the divided nature of the country.

The European Council report found that the situation has worsened over the last decade. Read more ›

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More students in the Netherlands are not paying back their loans

Four mortar boards thrown up in the airNew figures from the Netherlands’ Education Ministry’s student loans payment agency has revealed that more students are not paying back their loans.

Students have 15 years to pay off their loans after graduating from university. Read more ›

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Budget cuts hit schools in England hard

Open purse with coinsOne in every six state schools in England has asked their students’ parents to contribute to school finances, reports The Telegraph.

A survey carried out by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers has found that in addition, schools are taking all sorts of measures to raise funds Read more ›

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Parents concerned over school shortage in Vietnam’s capital

Empty class, chairs stacked on tablesParents in Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, are concerned over a shortage of school places for their children.
In recent years, many new urban areas have been created, but not enough schools have been built to cater for all of the children living there.

However, the education authority has assured parents that all children will be able Read more ›

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New law allows Chechnya’s schools to define students’ clothing rules

Girl in headscarf looking at phoneChechnya’s president has signed legislation allowing schools to set their own rules defining the type of clothing worn by their students.

The ruling takes into account the pupils’ rights to wear religious clothing or that of their cultural heritage unless it endangers their or other students’ Read more ›

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