Chinese students get a second chance to go to university in Japan

exam result pass 5Chinese students are turning to Japan to give them a second chance in the face of poor exam results.

A lot of pressure is heaped upon Chinese students to do well in the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, the Gaokao, as their futures are determined by their scores.

However, for those who do not do so well in the exam, there is still an option to study at university – in Japan.

Coach Academy Japanese Language School is a type of prep school that fills the gaps left by Chinese education and allows Chinese students to not only take entrance exams – in Japanese – to Japanese universities, but to gain the marks necessary to study there.

The school was founded in 2008 and began with just 20 Chinese students, but due to its success in placing the students in Japanese universities, its popularity grew and the school had 1,500 students by the end of 2015.

Coach Academy, Yang Ge, says: “The majority of Chinese students who come to study in Japan have fared poorly in university entrance exams back home. Looking for a second chance, they come to Japan, and get into prestigious universities here. It’s a type of ‘laundering’ of academic credentials.”

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