Getting started with… 3D printing

the-mechanism-of-418198_640Is your school thinking about introducing a 3D printer?

As 3D printing technology becomes more readily available at lower prices, it’s becoming more accessible to the education sector.

Here’s a quick rundown of useful info to whet your appetite. It’s all freely available on the web – we’ve just gathered it together to give you a head start!

Benefits of using 3D printing in lessons:
• Help students think creatively
• Approach learning in a new way
• Stimulate independent and/or group learning
• Engage students!

Subjects 3D printing could be used in:
• Geography – e.g. to represent terrain
• History – e.g. to bring ancient objects to life
• STEM subjects – e.g. print machine parts for working objects
• Art – e.g. to bring a new dimension to artistic thought and process.

What do you need?
• 3D printer
Downloadable designs to get you started
• Printer software
Printing materials

Useful resources:
3D printers in schools: uses in the curriculum – by Department for Education (October 2013)

3D printer guide 2017 – by 3D Hubs

10 best 3D printers 2016 – by TechRadar

How to utilise 3D printing in the classroom – by

20 best 3D printing software tools (most are free) – by All3DP


NB: Inclusion of links is not an endorsement of any particular organisation or product. It’s just useful info for your consideration… Enjoy!

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