Campaigners call for improvements in literacy teaching in Wales

A literacy campaign group in Wales wants a renewed focus on reading in primary schools.
The Welsh Assembly has elections this May and the group wants the winning party to step in to improve children’s literacy. If no action is taken, the group warns that up to 26,000 11-year-olds will not be able to read to the required standard on leaving primary school.

The group, made up of charities and literary agencies, is calling for more investment to support literacy during the early years, as well as help for parents to read with their children at home. The campaign is called, “Read on. Get on.”

Mary Powell-Chandler, who is from Save the Children and is the chair of “Read On. Get On.” says of the initiative, “We know that this is a challenging ambition, but it is wholly achievable and within our grasp if we focus our efforts.”

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