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Foreign university falls foul of new Hungarian law

The Hungarian parliament has given the green light to legislation that could mean the closure of a popular foreign university campus. The country is exerting tighter regulation over its foreign seats of higher education, and now requires that they must

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Participant numbers discrepancy in recent teachers’ strike in Poland

A teachers’ strike over pay and conditions took place across Poland on 31st March. The Polish Teachers’ Association – the largest teaching union in the country – organised the demonstration. Amongst its demands are a ten per cent salary increase,

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Denmark wants more English language vocational graduates to stay at home

The Danish Ministry of Higher Education will reduce the number of students on English language programmes to prevent so many leaving the country after completing their studies. The target is to cut one in four places on English language vocational courses, meaning

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Primary children to be taught in native languages in Dutch schools

The Netherlands’ ministry of education has issued guidance to all primary schools stating that migrant children should be taught in their own native languages to help them feel more confident and settled. Speaking in a radio interview, one of the

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Rwandan ICT project for girls goes continent-wide

Rwanda’s project to inspire girls to get involved with technology has been a huge success, so much so that it has now expanded to the whole African continent. Ms Geek Rwanda is an initiative designed to encourage girls to get

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Egypt takes steps to ensure no exam paper leaks this year

Ahead of the exam season in Egypt, the education ministry is proposing a strict measure to protect against the exam paper leaks that occurred last year. It has proposed that the military will help keep the papers secure and will

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Corporal punishment in Zimbabwe’s schools set to end

Zimbabwe’s High Court has recently ruled that children should not be undergo corporal punishment at school – or be beaten for punishment at home. Justice David Mangota said that the widespread practice is unconstitutional and the new ruling will forbid

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Computer coding to be introduced in Swedish primary schools

Sweden’s government is introducing changes to the curriculum to ensure its youngest pupils get on board with tech as soon as possible. From next year, primary school pupils will being to learn computer coding as part of the drive to

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Striking lecturers receive no February pay in Kenya

The University of Nairobi has not paid salaries to any of its lecturers who took part in the ongoing strikes during February 2017. The strikes were provoked by non-agreement between lecturers and the university over a Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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Language checks proposed for Danish bilingual toddlers

Danish children with a bilingual background should be tested on their Danish language skills at the age of two, says the Social and Children’s Minister. Mai Mercado says that young children who speak additional languages in the home are at

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