Corporal punishment in Zimbabwe’s schools set to end

Adult telling a child offZimbabwe’s High Court has recently ruled that children should not be undergo corporal punishment at school – or be beaten for punishment at home.

Justice David Mangota said that the widespread practice is unconstitutional and the new ruling will forbid striking children at all, even for disciplinary purposes.

Traditional leaders and religious people oppose the ruling, fearing that the children will become unruly and a culture of indiscipline will be the result. But Rebecca Chisamba, educationist and social commentator, agreed with the new measure:

“Personally, I am against corporal punishment. People are now abusing children in the name of disciplining them … Newspapers are awash with such cases where children are seriously injured or even maimed due to violent attacks in the name of disciplinary measures.

“I support the decision of the court and we must resort to non-violent means of disciplining our children like dialogue,” she said.

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