Education inequalities grow in developed nations, reveal OECD figures

The recent OECD rankings have revealed an opening in the education class divide in so-called developed countries.

Some of the largest inequalities gaps occur in the US education system, reports The Independent, where the most disadvantaged children in society are a year behind in developmental terms before they start school.
In the UK, and despite many different measures to reduce the gap, it is now wider than it was 50 years ago, with the result that pupils from the poorest homes are eight months behind before they begin school.

In Canada and Australia, things are still less than ideal but are marginally better, with school starters from disadvantaged backgrounds being behind by around six months as they begin attending school.

The UK’s Sutton Trust has called for more to be done to reduce the achievement gap in the UK via a focus on more qualified and well-trained staff in Early Years settings.

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