Global challenge to provide education stagnates

globe 400New figures released in the Global Education Monitoring Report make for sobering reading.

Despite the objectives set by the Sustainable Development Goals, some two hundred and sixty-three million children and young people across the world are not receiving any form of education.

The rates of out-of-school children across primary and secondary areas have fallen over the last seven years, but still the figures are unacceptably high and the rate of progress has slowed. Girls are still more likely to be out of school than boys – and young people are much more likely to be out of school than primary age children.

Understandably, areas affected by conflict (some 32 countries) see particularly low figures of school attendance – either due to violence or the destruction of schools themselves. There are no statistics available to reflect the many (estimated) millions of children and young people displaced from their homes and countries and who are now not receiving an education.

There are many challenges to overcome in trying to get more children and young people into education across the world – not least overcoming inequalities, achieving gender equality, the provision of education funding, and ensuring young people can access education in a language they can understand.

Read more here from UNESCO:

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