Lack of electricity in India’s schools is a barrier to learning with technology

keyboard-close-upEducation policy makers in India have a vision for schools: to be using as much technology as possible to prepare students for the future.

However, around 35 per cent of state secondary schools are not even connected to an electricity supply, which will make the implication of any IT plans as part of an overall edtech strategy so much more difficult.

Just over 12,000 of the country’s government schools are connected to a power source, but that still leaves approximately 6,500 schools with no means of running computers or any other kind of technology; leaving their students at a disadvantage.

According to the Deccan Herald, a ministry of education spokesperson said: “Dwindling quality of school education is the biggest concern today. At a time when country is facing acute shortage of qualified teachers, the use of ICT is being seen as an effective means to empower our teachers and students both. But how will they be benefited by the ICT tools when there is no power supply in the schools. States will have to take proactive action and provide electricity to all the schools,” they explained.

Read more here from Deccan Herald

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