Inequalities affect achievement levels in Scotland, reveal new figures

There is a stark contrast between student outcomes in schools in wealthy and poor areas of Scotland, shows a new report.

The SNP government, which has now been in power for almost a decade, has not so far been able to close the achievement gap that leaves a significant proportion of students at a disadvantage.

According to The Telegraph, in Scotland’s most deprived areas, 58 per cent of pupils met the benchmark for numeracy. This is a stark contrast to the 80 per cent from schools in wealthier areas who reached the standard.

John Swinney, the SNP’s Education Minister, said there were some variances in the data due to different reporting criteria amongst regions. Commenting on the report, he said: “Even taking these inconsistencies into account, the data shows that significant improvements are required in some local authorities and real challenges exist in delivering the progress in literacy and numeracy that we seek.”

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