Liberian students not yet back on track after Ebola epidemic

books 400The largest mass exam failure for four years has taken place in Liberia this exam season.

Almost half of the students who took the exam (48.46 per cent) failed the West African Examinations Council Senior High School exam category, making this the poorest result since 2013.

The Ministry of Education had attempted to boost the students’ performance by distributing textbooks and sending extra teachers to some parts of the country, but still the outcome was disappointing.

However, students in Liberia have experienced much disruption to their education over the last few years. Firstly, the academic year of 2014 was interrupted by the Ebola epidemic – and in 2015 the exams were cancelled due to the health emergency.

The percentage of students not achieving exam passes include the results of 7,870 students which have been held back while further investigation into cheating is carried out.

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