More pupils mean more schools must be built in England – report

School building and playgroundMany more schools need to be built in England to accommodate rising pupil numbers, reveals a survey.

The research carried out by Scape found that 2,122 new schools need to be constructed by 2020 to cater for the projected additional 729,000 primary and secondary school students in the school system by the end of the decade.

The findings reveal that local authorities across the country will need to find land on which to build 1,744 primary schools and 378 new secondary schools.

Commenting on the demand for new schools, Mark Robinson, Scape’s chief executive said: “The country will soon start to feel the full weight of the impending boom in pupil numbers, and we’re already seeing unprecedented pressure on school places….A radical new wave of school-building must be a top priority for Government.”

Read more here from Scape

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