Nationwide shortages in Venezuela impact education

books 01Venezuela’s students are experiencing huge disruption to their education in the face of nationwide food shortages.

The country is undergoing acute shortages of food and medical supplies, with citizens being forced to turn to the black market just to feed their families.

Teachers’ salaries are so low that they cannot afford food. So, instead, many have taken extra jobs to supplement their income – or simply stay off school to queue for supplies. As a result, schools across the nation have closed as there are either shortages of teachers, no school meals – or parents are keeping their children away from the classroom to help earn money to enable the family to eat.

The severe recession coupled with plummeting oil prices means there is no spare funding for schools, with the result that many qualified teachers are leaving the country to seek employment (and remuneration) elsewhere.

Whether students’ education will be able to recover depends on the country’s economy and what happens next.


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