Online university offers Syrian refugees a chance to study

books 400A non-profit online university is offering 500 Syrian refugees the chance to get free places on its degree courses.

California-based organisation, The University of the People, was set up to provide degree courses for those with the aptitude and ability necessary to study, but who are not able to pay, reports BBC News.

The university’s founder, Shai Reshef, believes that refugees deserve the chance to become educated in order to better integrate into their new countries and improve their circumstances after suffering so much hardship.

The university runs courses which are already being followed by students in more than 180 countries. The usual fee of £3,100 for each degree is not applicable to the Syrian students to whom the organisation is offering the chance to study.

“Nobody deserves education as much as refugees. These are people who have lost everything. Many will never go back to their countries, and their children and grandchildren become refugees too,” Mr Reshef told the BBC.

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