Procurement problems cause setbacks for Rwanda’s new curriculum

Stack of five booksA new competence-based curriculum was launched in Rwandan schools this year to teach pupils real skills instead of using the previous theory-based model. The objective is to improve young people’s job prospects as the job market becomes more and more competitive.

However, the changeover has not gone smoothly and some schools are said to be sticking to the old curriculum due to a lack of teaching resources and dedicated textbooks across all nursery, primary and secondary schools.

The absence of the textbooks has been blamed on the publishers who are said not to have delivered the completed books on time for the first term. And problems with procurement meant that some schools only received a paltry number of books to share between all of their students.

The result has been that not all schools introduced the new curriculum at the same time, with some changing over in the second or third terms, as their resources arrived.

In addition, problems with amendments, approvals and printing the textbooks – plus issues with funding – mean that it will still take some time for all schools across the country to be teaching the same curriculum.

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