Rate of non-attendance at school in Armenia not known

chalkThe exact number of children not attending school in Armenia is not known, as the country has no process in place to count or monitor them.

Many children in the country are out of school for different reasons – including disabilities, non-enrolment, parental cultural beliefs or having to work to support their families – but education officials do not have a clear view of exactly who should be in school.

UNICEF recently released a report about those children across the world who are out of education. Although Armenia was not one of the countries investigated in depth in the report, UNICEF’s head of communication programs, Zara Sargsyan, said that despite a pilot project being run in 2014 to investigate non-attendance at school in the Lori region, no further continuation work has been done to improve enrolment rates.

“…We have no statistics as to how many children have not enrolled in the education system. This is the problem. Nothing is being done to reveal these children,” she said.

Read more here from News Az: http://news.az/articles/world/113047

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