Significant revamp of UAE’s education system launched

Mannequin student giving presentation at blackboard to teacherThe UAE has announced significant changes to its education system in order to ensure students are prepared for the future.

A new training centre for teachers will be set up in order to ensure that the new curriculum will be delivered properly.

A revised curriculum will include, “technology, innovative design, health sciences, career guidance, general skills and business management” – and it will also be made bilingual to ensure all students can speak English fluently. The UAE’s education ministry has liaised with the University Cambridge on the design of the English part of its syllabus.

For gifted students, there will be an “elite stream”, while all students will be kept on task with mid- and end-of-year testing.

During a recent visit to the Ministry of Education, Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said of the changes: “There is no room for excuses. We look forward to developing a new generation of students that is equipped to use the tools of the future.”

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