Skills-to-industry mismatch means Ghana is economically compromised

Mortarboard and rolled-up degree certificateAn increasing number of graduates in Ghana are failing to find employment due to a mismatch of qualifications to the skills needed in the country.

Leading academics are calling for a restructure of higher education and a reassessment of the relevance of courses that universities provide.

“We cannot as a nation continue to produce some types of graduates that the economy does not need and fail to produce enough of those that the economy demands,” said Professor Clement K. Dzidonu, President of Accra Institute of Technology, when speaking at the 10th Congregation of the Institute.

Ghana needs to do more in order to meet its national developmental goals, he added.

Industries such as the gas and oil sector are experience acute skills shortages which, if filled with appropriately qualified graduates, could boost the economic growth of the country.

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