Striking lecturers receive no February pay in Kenya

The University of Nairobi has not paid salaries to any of its lecturers who took part in the ongoing strikes during February 2017.

The strikes were provoked by non-agreement between lecturers and the university over a Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Several talks between the Universities Academic Staff Union (UASU) and the Inter Public Universities Consultative Council Forum (IPUCCF) have so far ended in disarray, with the lecturers rejecting one offer from the government. They are asking for a 20 per cent increment on their salaries – whereas the offer amounted to a 3.2 per cent increment.

UASU’s National Chairperson Muga K’olale said of the situation: “We wanted other forms of compensation in view of the fact that the academic staff not only teach; they research and lately they are cash cows for universities.”

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