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Denmark wants more English language vocational graduates to stay at home

The Danish Ministry of Higher Education will reduce the number of students on English language programmes to prevent so many leaving the country after completing their studies. The target is to cut one in four places on English language vocational courses, meaning

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Language checks proposed for Danish bilingual toddlers

Danish children with a bilingual background should be tested on their Danish language skills at the age of two, says the Social and Children’s Minister. Mai Mercado says that young children who speak additional languages in the home are at

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Denmark revises “no second degree” ruling

The Danish government has back-tracked on a recent decision to forbid people from studying for second degrees in order to save state funds. Søren Pind, the higher education minister, says that students will now be allowed to study for a second

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Proposed language testing for three-year-olds in Denmark

Local authorities in Denmark want to introduce language tests for three-year-olds. Research shows that pupils can be up to two years behind their age group in terms of social and linguistic development when they start school, which puts them at

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No second degrees for Danish graduates and students

The Danish government has introduced a law that prevents students from studying for a second university degree. This means that those who already have one degree will not be able to study for a degree in a different subject. More

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