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Lack of electricity in India’s schools is a barrier to learning with technology

Education policy makers in India have a vision for schools: to be using as much technology as possible to prepare students for the future. However, around 35 per cent of state secondary schools are not even connected to an electricity

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USA teachers using tech more, but many remain unconfident in their skills

Out of a thousand K-12 teachers surveyed in the USA, just 15 per cent were confident enough to award themselves an A grade when asked to rate their edtech skills, reports Meritalk. The figure is surprising, as nine out of

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Zambian secondary schools still not really ready for ICT

Schools in Zambia are struggling to get on board with ICT as a compulsory subject in secondary schools. Despite its introduction in 2015, there are neither enough computers nor enough staff to teach the subject. Pupils have had to study

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