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Palestine gets its first ever education law

The first ever Palestinian education law has been approved by the Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas. The new law will bring important changes to education in the Palestinian territories and will replace the current Jordanian law in the West Bank

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Ethnic Divide in Kosovo mirrored in higher education sector

A new report into the higher education system in Kosovo reveals that despite the integration work done over the years, its universities reflect the divided nature of the country. The European Council report found that the situation has worsened over

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Egypt takes steps to ensure no exam paper leaks this year

Ahead of the exam season in Egypt, the education ministry is proposing a strict measure to protect against the exam paper leaks that occurred last year. It has proposed that the military will help keep the papers secure and will

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Corporal punishment in Zimbabwe’s schools set to end

Zimbabwe’s High Court has recently ruled that children should not be undergo corporal punishment at school – or be beaten for punishment at home. Justice David Mangota said that the widespread practice is unconstitutional and the new ruling will forbid

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Computer coding to be introduced in Swedish primary schools

Sweden’s government is introducing changes to the curriculum to ensure its youngest pupils get on board with tech as soon as possible. From next year, primary school pupils will being to learn computer coding as part of the drive to

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Language checks proposed for Danish bilingual toddlers

Danish children with a bilingual background should be tested on their Danish language skills at the age of two, says the Social and Children’s Minister. Mai Mercado says that young children who speak additional languages in the home are at

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Time to change attitudes towards education in Scotland, says Minister

Scotland’s Deputy First Minister has called on politicians to celebrate the positives in the country’s education system. Speaking at a recent regional meeting of head teachers in Dundee, John Swinney said that he was “horrified” at how he hears education

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Grant for low achievers in Wales lacks monitoring

The use of a grant designed to help low achieving children in Wales has not been monitored properly, says the Welsh Assembly’s education committee. The Education Improvement Grant provides extra support for Gypsy, Roma and minority ethnic children so they

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Guinea teachers’ strike over pay turns violent

A teacher’s strike over salary cuts in Guinea led to the deaths of five people, says the government. Protests in the capital, Conakry, came about after the government announced cuts to the salaries of junior teachers as well as a

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Turkey continues to provide free education to Syrian students

The Turkish Education Minister has said that 483,000 Syrian school pupils are being educated in the country’s schools. In an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency, Ismet Yilmaz said that this was over half of the total number of Syrian refugee

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