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Budget cuts hit schools in England hard

One in every six state schools in England has asked their students’ parents to contribute to school finances, reports The Telegraph. A survey carried out by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers has found that in addition, schools are taking

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Grant for low achievers in Wales lacks monitoring

The use of a grant designed to help low achieving children in Wales has not been monitored properly, says the Welsh Assembly’s education committee. The Education Improvement Grant provides extra support for Gypsy, Roma and minority ethnic children so they

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Rural schools in England could be in line for more funding

Rural schools in England are to be thrown a lifeline in terms of funding due to new Government proposals. The current funding system is said to be heavily weighted towards solving the challenges of schools in London – while rural

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Funding partnership delivers a lifeline for girls’ education in Malawi

With UNESCO reporting that only 57 per cent of girls in Malawi complete primary school, change is needed to encourage more pupils to stay and continue their education. Many girls drop out of school early to get married, but it

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Paraguay receives funding from the EU to improve education

Paraguay is set to receive another slice of EU funding to improve the quality of its education system. In 2009, the EU pledged ongoing support to Paraguay’s education system and wider policies through to 2020. The most recent funding of

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Cuts to Israeli higher education put academic institutions’ futures at risk

Academic leaders in Israel have warned about the impact on higher education of continued budget cuts to the sector. The latest round of cuts will see NIS 100 million being lost for the coming year – and then NIS 500

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Global challenge to provide education stagnates

New figures released in the Global Education Monitoring Report make for sobering reading. Despite the objectives set by the Sustainable Development Goals, some two hundred and sixty-three million children and young people across the world are not receiving any form

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Nationwide shortages in Venezuela impact education

Venezuela’s students are experiencing huge disruption to their education in the face of nationwide food shortages. The country is undergoing acute shortages of food and medical supplies, with citizens being forced to turn to the black market just to feed

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Conflict funding to be directed towards education in Colombia

The Colombian President has promised to invest in education, if fighting in the country stops.

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Cuts to student aid to go ahead in Finland

The Finnish government is making budget cuts to student aid over up to 2019, reports Yle Uutiset.

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