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Niger higher education may change after violent demonstrations

Students in Niger will get the higher education changes they have been demonstrating about for the past week. The mass protests that took place in the capital city, Niamey, saw 313 arrests made and 109 people injured – while one

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Ethnic Divide in Kosovo mirrored in higher education sector

A new report into the higher education system in Kosovo reveals that despite the integration work done over the years, its universities reflect the divided nature of the country. The European Council report found that the situation has worsened over

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Denmark wants more English language vocational graduates to stay at home

The Danish Ministry of Higher Education will reduce the number of students on English language programmes to prevent so many leaving the country after completing their studies. The target is to cut one in four places on English language vocational courses, meaning

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Tanzanian students’ admission to universities being checked

Over 8,000 undergraduates in Tanzania face being expelled if their admission to university is found to be in breach of the standard criteria. As part of a drive to raise education standards throughout the country, the Tanzania Commission for Universities

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Denmark revises “no second degree” ruling

The Danish government has back-tracked on a recent decision to forbid people from studying for second degrees in order to save state funds. Søren Pind, the higher education minister, says that students will now be allowed to study for a second

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Too many higher education institutions in Latvia, says rector

The rector of the University of Latvia has said that there are too many higher education institutions in the country. In a television interview, Indrikis Muiznieks also said that their supervision is fragmented and suggested that some consolidation of institutions

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Can technology play its part in supporting stressed students?

Stressed students are not unique to any country; it’s a global occurrence. There are many reasons why they can feel trapped and isolated, e.g. study pressures, cyberbullying, financial worries, abuse, mental health issues – the list goes on and on.

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Graduate unemployment in Vietnam shows increase

Statistics on education and employment released in Vietnam show an alarming increase in the unemployment status of graduates. In fact, the proportion of young people who have studied at university or at another higher education institution is actually higher than

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New ranking system in the pipeline for England’s universities

Universities in England are set to be graded as gold, silver and bronze under new teaching excellence standards. However, the bronze grade will indicate that institutions are “significantly below” the required standards, reported The Guardian.

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Free higher education in South Africa won’t work, expert argues

A higher education expert in South Africa has said that the country should not currently be looking at providing free higher education for everyone. Dr Nico Cloete of the Centre for Higher Education and Training (CHET) said that it would

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