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Dutch schools will reassess students’ abilities

Secondary schools in the Netherlands will assess their students’ abilities at the end of the second year (age 14) to see whether they should change to a different type of school. The move is being introduced to help iron out

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Proposed language testing for three-year-olds in Denmark

Local authorities in Denmark want to introduce language tests for three-year-olds. Research shows that pupils can be up to two years behind their age group in terms of social and linguistic development when they start school, which puts them at

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Education inequalities grow in developed nations, reveal OECD figures

The recent OECD rankings have revealed an opening in the education class divide in so-called developed countries. Some of the largest inequalities gaps occur in the US education system, reports The Independent, where the most disadvantaged children in society are

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Inequalities affect achievement levels in Scotland, reveal new figures

There is a stark contrast between student outcomes in schools in wealthy and poor areas of Scotland, shows a new report. The SNP government, which has now been in power for almost a decade, has not so far been able

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