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More students in the Netherlands are not paying back their loans

New figures from the Netherlands’ Education Ministry’s student loans payment agency has revealed that more students are not paying back their loans. Students have 15 years to pay off their loans after graduating from university.

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Primary children to be taught in native languages in Dutch schools

The Netherlands’ ministry of education has issued guidance to all primary schools stating that migrant children should be taught in their own native languages to help them feel more confident and settled. Speaking in a radio interview, one of the

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Dutch schools will reassess students’ abilities

Secondary schools in the Netherlands will assess their students’ abilities at the end of the second year (age 14) to see whether they should change to a different type of school. The move is being introduced to help iron out

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Children in the Netherlands are mostly happy, but want more interaction

A survey carried out by the Children’s Ombudsman in the Netherlands has revealed that children feel under pressure at school. Two thousand young people under 18 were asked for their responses to questions about how they feel about growing up

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Netherlands project to tackle inequality in education up to 2020

The Netherlands is set to establish an €87m programme to reduce inequality in education over the next three years. Education minister, Jet Bussemaker, wants to combat the currently “unacceptable” level of inequality in secondary schools across the country by ensuring

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