Young people say bullying is an issue – OECD survey

The first OECD PISA assessment has asked for students’ responses to questions on their well-being. Despite many young people being happy, the survey found that bullying was a significant problem in schools across the OECD countries. On average, around one

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Education inequalities grow in developed nations, reveal OECD figures

The recent OECD rankings have revealed an opening in the education class divide in so-called developed countries. Some of the largest inequalities gaps occur in the US education system, reports The Independent, where the most disadvantaged children in society are

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Greece struggling to provide quality education, finds a new study

Students in Greece are performing under the EU average due to the poor provision of education in the country, reveals a new report. The European Commission’s “Education and Training Monitor 2016” report found that the Greek government invested 4.4% of

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Looming teacher shortage in Norway, predicts OECD report

The new Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report analysing education across its 34 member nations has revealed that Norway is in the top three countries that invest significantly in their education systems. In the recently released ‘Education at

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Joint education policy advice for Thailand from OECD and UNESCO

Thailand is the first country to benefit from education policy advice from a partnership between the OECD and UNESCO. The two organisations spent a significant amount of time researching and analysing Thailand’s current education system – and then took time

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UK maths teaching is “over-complicated”, says expert

Maths teaching across the UK is “superficial” in many cases, says a leading education researcher. Andreas Schleicher, from the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), says that maths teaching in the UK takes basic maths concepts and over-complicates them,

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