Young people say bullying is an issue – OECD survey

The first OECD PISA assessment has asked for students’ responses to questions on their well-being. Despite many young people being happy, the survey found that bullying was a significant problem in schools across the OECD countries. On average, around one

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Upcoming curriculum reform in Turkey

The Turkish Education Ministry is preparing to reform the country’s education curriculum across all levels. It’s a large project and more than 50 different curricula will be taken into account. The aim is to simplify the current content, whilst encouraging

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Greece struggling to provide quality education, finds a new study

Students in Greece are performing under the EU average due to the poor provision of education in the country, reveals a new report. The European Commission’s “Education and Training Monitor 2016” report found that the Greek government invested 4.4% of

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Homework strike underway in Spain

During the month of November, parents in Spain are on strike in a protest over their children being given too much homework at the weekends. The homework usually requires parents’ input; hence the strike. Along with Ireland, Russia, Italy and

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PISA ranking improvement for Wales should not be expected, says Minister

Wales may not see its rankings improve when the latest results of the PISA tests are released, says its Education Minister. Kirsty Williams said that significant change to the performance of Welsh pupils’ standards in reading, writing and maths should

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UK maths teaching is “over-complicated”, says expert

Maths teaching across the UK is “superficial” in many cases, says a leading education researcher. Andreas Schleicher, from the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), says that maths teaching in the UK takes basic maths concepts and over-complicates them,

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