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Computer coding to be introduced in Swedish primary schools

Sweden’s government is introducing changes to the curriculum to ensure its youngest pupils get on board with tech as soon as possible. From next year, primary school pupils will being to learn computer coding as part of the drive to

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Teachers and parents say no to elimination of middle schools in Poland

On November 19th, thousands of teachers and parents held a demonstration in Warsaw, to protest against the government’s plan to get rid of Poland’s middle schools. From 2017, the Education Ministry wants to phase out the schools that serve students

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Funding partnership delivers a lifeline for girls’ education in Malawi

With UNESCO reporting that only 57 per cent of girls in Malawi complete primary school, change is needed to encourage more pupils to stay and continue their education. Many girls drop out of school early to get married, but it

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Tanzania investigates siphoning off of free education funds

Tanzania’s Prime Minster, Kassim Majaliwa, has announced that a special inspection will take place in schools across the country in order to stamp out the siphoning off of funds intended to provide free education for children. “Each month, the government

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Concern over proposed changes to Scotland’s education system

Scotland has been working on plans to improve its education system, but critics feel that the proposed reforms are too much, too fast. Councils and local government bodies have said in comments to the Secretary for Education and Skills, John

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Primary schools in Kenya receive their long-awaited laptops

One hundred and fifty primary schools across Kenya have received laptops for their pupils. The distribution of the devices was promised during the presidential campaign of 2013 as part of the Digital Literacy Programme intended to educate the country’s children

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Primary school attendance in Uganda still lacking

Seven million Ugandans have never received any education, reveals the country’s latest census. The research also showed that one in ten primary school-aged children aged between six and 12 years old had never been to school, despite the provision of

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Campaigners call for improvements in literacy teaching in Wales

A literacy campaign group in Wales wants a renewed focus on reading in primary schools.

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Education database being created in Tanzania

The Tanzanian government is in the process of creating a national education database.

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Children in Poland will start school aged seven (again)

The Polish parliament has voted in favour of returning the school starting age to seven years old.

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