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Parents concerned over school shortage in Vietnam’s capital

Parents in Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, are concerned over a shortage of school places for their children. In recent years, many new urban areas have been created, but not enough schools have been built to cater for all of the children

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Corporal punishment in Zimbabwe’s schools set to end

Zimbabwe’s High Court has recently ruled that children should not be undergo corporal punishment at school – or be beaten for punishment at home. Justice David Mangota said that the widespread practice is unconstitutional and the new ruling will forbid

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Children in the Netherlands are mostly happy, but want more interaction

A survey carried out by the Children’s Ombudsman in the Netherlands has revealed that children feel under pressure at school. Two thousand young people under 18 were asked for their responses to questions about how they feel about growing up

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Rural schools in England could be in line for more funding

Rural schools in England are to be thrown a lifeline in terms of funding due to new Government proposals. The current funding system is said to be heavily weighted towards solving the challenges of schools in London – while rural

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New reading method introduced for pupils in Yemen

Children starting school in Yemen this year will be the first to learn to read with a new textbook. The Yemen Early Grade Reading Approach book titled, “I Read and I Learn”, will appear in first grade classrooms across the

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More pupils mean more schools must be built in England – report

Many more schools need to be built in England to accommodate rising pupil numbers, reveals a survey. The research carried out by Scape found that 2,122 new schools need to be constructed by 2020 to cater for the projected additional

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Rate of non-attendance at school in Armenia not known

The exact number of children not attending school in Armenia is not known, as the country has no process in place to count or monitor them. Many children in the country are out of school for different reasons – including

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Georgia takes action to reduce the weight of students’ heavy school bags

The Georgian Education Minister has pledged to introduce new legislation to improve the health and wellbeing of the country’s school pupils. Concerned over the weight of school bags that students have to carry – in some cases, up to nine

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Repairing the damage done by Canada’s residential schools’ history

Forced attendance at residential schools in Canada has left some indigenous people suspicious of the education they deliver. These government-run schools were operational from the 19th century until the last one closed in 1996. Indigenous children were taken from their

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Global challenge to provide education stagnates

New figures released in the Global Education Monitoring Report make for sobering reading. Despite the objectives set by the Sustainable Development Goals, some two hundred and sixty-three million children and young people across the world are not receiving any form

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