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Denmark revises “no second degree” ruling

The Danish government has back-tracked on a recent decision to forbid people from studying for second degrees in order to save state funds. Søren Pind, the higher education minister, says that students will now be allowed to study for a second

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Turkey continues to provide free education to Syrian students

The Turkish Education Minister has said that 483,000 Syrian school pupils are being educated in the country’s schools. In an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency, Ismet Yilmaz said that this was over half of the total number of Syrian refugee

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No second degrees for Danish graduates and students

The Danish government has introduced a law that prevents students from studying for a second university degree. This means that those who already have one degree will not be able to study for a degree in a different subject. More

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More universities in Tanzania could be shut down

Some universities in Tanzania could face closure after an inspection revealed that many are not up to scratch. The Minister of Education, Joyce Ndalichako, said that a report into the quality of the country’s higher education institutions found that some,

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Significant revamp of UAE’s education system launched

The UAE has announced significant changes to its education system in order to ensure students are prepared for the future. A new training centre for teachers will be set up in order to ensure that the new curriculum will be

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Repairing the damage done by Canada’s residential schools’ history

Forced attendance at residential schools in Canada has left some indigenous people suspicious of the education they deliver. These government-run schools were operational from the 19th century until the last one closed in 1996. Indigenous children were taken from their

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Liberian students not yet back on track after Ebola epidemic

The largest mass exam failure for four years has taken place in Liberia this exam season. Almost half of the students who took the exam (48.46 per cent) failed the West African Examinations Council Senior High School exam category, making

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Tuition fee increases to spell the end of studies for some Vietnamese students

Students in Vietnam are having to re-think their decision to study at university due to the imminent rise in tuition fees. Those studying at the country’s universities purchase credits to study as they go along and, on average, a student

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