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Denmark revises “no second degree” ruling

The Danish government has back-tracked on a recent decision to forbid people from studying for second degrees in order to save state funds. Søren Pind, the higher education minister, says that students will now be allowed to study for a second

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Greece implements project to educate migrant children

Greece has launched a nationwide programme to educate the refugee children who have arrived in the country. So far this year, an estimated 160,000 people have arrived in Greece, from countries like Libya, Syria and Somalia – and over a quarter

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Chinese students get a second chance to go to university in Japan

Chinese students are turning to Japan to give them a second chance in the face of poor exam results. A lot of pressure is heaped upon Chinese students to do well in the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, the Gaokao,

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Online university offers Syrian refugees a chance to study

A non-profit online university is offering 500 Syrian refugees the chance to get free places on its degree courses. California-based organisation, The University of the People, was set up to provide degree courses for those with the aptitude and ability

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