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Rwandan ICT project for girls goes continent-wide

Rwanda’s project to inspire girls to get involved with technology has been a huge success, so much so that it has now expanded to the whole African continent. Ms Geek Rwanda is an initiative designed to encourage girls to get

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Computer coding to be introduced in Swedish primary schools

Sweden’s government is introducing changes to the curriculum to ensure its youngest pupils get on board with tech as soon as possible. From next year, primary school pupils will being to learn computer coding as part of the drive to

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Bett 2017 is underway and buzzing with technology!

Now in its 32nd year, the Bett show is taking place this week between 25th and 28th January at London’s ExCeL. Visitors from far and wide have descended on the show hall to see the vast range of technological innovations

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Can technology play its part in supporting stressed students?

Stressed students are not unique to any country; it’s a global occurrence. There are many reasons why they can feel trapped and isolated, e.g. study pressures, cyberbullying, financial worries, abuse, mental health issues – the list goes on and on.

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Secondary education improvement project to go ahead in Vietnam

The Vietnamese prime minister has given the go-ahead for the second phase of improvements to secondary education across the country. The project will begin next year and run until 2023 at a total cost of US$107 million. The objective is

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Lack of electricity in India’s schools is a barrier to learning with technology

Education policy makers in India have a vision for schools: to be using as much technology as possible to prepare students for the future. However, around 35 per cent of state secondary schools are not even connected to an electricity

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USA teachers using tech more, but many remain unconfident in their skills

Out of a thousand K-12 teachers surveyed in the USA, just 15 per cent were confident enough to award themselves an A grade when asked to rate their edtech skills, reports Meritalk. The figure is surprising, as nine out of

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Significant revamp of UAE’s education system launched

The UAE has announced significant changes to its education system in order to ensure students are prepared for the future. A new training centre for teachers will be set up in order to ensure that the new curriculum will be

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Zambian secondary schools still not really ready for ICT

Schools in Zambia are struggling to get on board with ICT as a compulsory subject in secondary schools. Despite its introduction in 2015, there are neither enough computers nor enough staff to teach the subject. Pupils have had to study

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Italy considers reversing ban on using mobile devices in class

Students in Italy could soon be learning with smartphones and tablets – if a nine year ban on the devices in classrooms is overturned. Italy’s Under-secretary for Education, Davide Faraone, has vowed to reverse the decision made by the Ministry

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