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Ethnic Divide in Kosovo mirrored in higher education sector

A new report into the higher education system in Kosovo reveals that despite the integration work done over the years, its universities reflect the divided nature of the country. The European Council report found that the situation has worsened over

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Foreign university falls foul of new Hungarian law

The Hungarian parliament has given the green light to legislation that could mean the closure of a popular foreign university campus. The country is exerting tighter regulation over its foreign seats of higher education, and now requires that they must

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Striking lecturers receive no February pay in Kenya

The University of Nairobi has not paid salaries to any of its lecturers who took part in the ongoing strikes during February 2017. The strikes were provoked by non-agreement between lecturers and the university over a Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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Low cost of university education in VietNam not all positive

Universities in VietNam are increasing their revenues by taking in as many students as possible by lowering admission standards. As a result, the methods of instruction suffer, with high ratios of students to lecturers. Subjects are not specifically tailored to

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Too many higher education institutions in Latvia, says rector

The rector of the University of Latvia has said that there are too many higher education institutions in the country. In a television interview, Indrikis Muiznieks also said that their supervision is fragmented and suggested that some consolidation of institutions

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More universities in Tanzania could be shut down

Some universities in Tanzania could face closure after an inspection revealed that many are not up to scratch. The Minister of Education, Joyce Ndalichako, said that a report into the quality of the country’s higher education institutions found that some,

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President calls for students to get back to class

For some time now, university students in South Africa have been demanding free education. Demonstrations and violence have been carried out in the name of the protest, with the most recent disorder being students from Wits University being involved in

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Graduate unemployment in Vietnam shows increase

Statistics on education and employment released in Vietnam show an alarming increase in the unemployment status of graduates. In fact, the proportion of young people who have studied at university or at another higher education institution is actually higher than

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Free higher education in South Africa won’t work, expert argues

A higher education expert in South Africa has said that the country should not currently be looking at providing free higher education for everyone. Dr Nico Cloete of the Centre for Higher Education and Training (CHET) said that it would

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Chinese students get a second chance to go to university in Japan

Chinese students are turning to Japan to give them a second chance in the face of poor exam results. A lot of pressure is heaped upon Chinese students to do well in the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, the Gaokao,

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