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Skills-to-industry mismatch means Ghana is economically compromised

An increasing number of graduates in Ghana are failing to find employment due to a mismatch of qualifications to the skills needed in the country. Leading academics are calling for a restructure of higher education and a reassessment of the

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More demonstrations over tuition fees in Chile

Police in the Chilean capital, Santiago, this week broke up another demonstration against a proposed piece of education legislation. Students in Chile have been demanding tuition-free university education since 2011 and, despite promising reform of the sector, the country’s president,

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Online university offers Syrian refugees a chance to study

A non-profit online university is offering 500 Syrian refugees the chance to get free places on its degree courses. California-based organisation, The University of the People, was set up to provide degree courses for those with the aptitude and ability

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Vietnamese students not applying for university despite good marks

There is a growing trend for academically able students in VietNam not to apply to university. This is due to the parallel trend of students graduating from higher education who are then unable to find employment. Students are now leaving

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African universities urged to focus on maths

African universities need to elevate the standard of their maths teaching, say education experts. Attendees at the recent Next Einstein Forum discussed how maths is essential to support economic development. In addition, the President of the African Institute for Mathematical

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New study plan for ex-North Korean students

North Korean students who have defected to the South are set to study abroad under a new plan.

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Cuts to student aid to go ahead in Finland

The Finnish government is making budget cuts to student aid over up to 2019, reports Yle Uutiset.

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