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Parents concerned over school shortage in Vietnam’s capital

Parents in Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, are concerned over a shortage of school places for their children. In recent years, many new urban areas have been created, but not enough schools have been built to cater for all of the children

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Low cost of university education in VietNam not all positive

Universities in VietNam are increasing their revenues by taking in as many students as possible by lowering admission standards. As a result, the methods of instruction suffer, with high ratios of students to lecturers. Subjects are not specifically tailored to

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Technical education is developing in Vietnam

The time is right to modernise technical education in Vietnam, says a leading education official. Assoc Prof Le Quang Minh, the project director of the Vietnamese Skills for Employment Programme (VSEP), says that since the government brought in a law

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Secondary education improvement project to go ahead in Vietnam

The Vietnamese prime minister has given the go-ahead for the second phase of improvements to secondary education across the country. The project will begin next year and run until 2023 at a total cost of US$107 million. The objective is

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Graduate unemployment in Vietnam shows increase

Statistics on education and employment released in Vietnam show an alarming increase in the unemployment status of graduates. In fact, the proportion of young people who have studied at university or at another higher education institution is actually higher than

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Tuition fee increases to spell the end of studies for some Vietnamese students

Students in Vietnam are having to re-think their decision to study at university due to the imminent rise in tuition fees. Those studying at the country’s universities purchase credits to study as they go along and, on average, a student

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Vietnamese students not applying for university despite good marks

There is a growing trend for academically able students in VietNam not to apply to university. This is due to the parallel trend of students graduating from higher education who are then unable to find employment. Students are now leaving

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