The Bahamas considers regulations around home schooling

pencils5Parents in The Bahamas have increasingly been choosing to educate their children at home.

The country’s Ministry of Education wants to ensure that these children are receiving a quality education in line with their peers who attend school.

The term “home schooling” in The Bahamas encompasses either parents who educate their own children at home or who run small schools that operate outside the remit of the Ministry of Education.

During a recent press conference, Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Jerome Fitzgerald, said the government wants create a partnership to support the home schooling community which would “facilitate and not frustrate.”

“Let me make it clear that this exercise is not being done in an attempt to close down any facility; and we encourage persons who are operating small schools to follow due process to become registered with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology,” said the Minister.

If those home schooling children register with the Ministry, they will gain the benefit its certificate and identification card process, access to national examinations and National High School Diploma, access to information to support curriculum, and scholarships.

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