UK maths teaching is “over-complicated”, says expert


Maths teaching across the UK is “superficial” in many cases, says a leading education researcher.

Andreas Schleicher, from the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), says that maths teaching in the UK takes basic maths concepts and over-complicates them, meaning students cannot grasp them easily.

Students have to focus on remembering relatively shallow knowledge instead of having a deeper concept of how to work problems out and apply that knowledge to different situations, he explained.

The UK is still some distance away from the highest performing countries in mathematics. The latest PISA tests (in 2013) put the UK in 26th place out of around 60 countries.

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One comment on “UK maths teaching is “over-complicated”, says expert
  1. BettyBoop12 says:

    Pupils need to be taught maths in the simplest, most straightforward terms so that they can take that knowledge and use it in different contexts. When I talk to my children about their maths homework, it seems that they are taught concepts in unnecessarily convoluted ways – and, are often struggling to make sense of them. Parents are often discouraged from “complicating” matters with other explanations. But it’s difficult to find a balance when they are at sea with the explanations they have been given.

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