USA teachers using tech more, but many remain unconfident in their skills

Person using laptopOut of a thousand K-12 teachers surveyed in the USA, just 15 per cent were confident enough to award themselves an A grade when asked to rate their edtech skills, reports Meritalk.

The figure is surprising, as nine out of ten teachers said that they used edtech in the classroom weekly. Seventy-eight per cent of teachers use technology for research purposes in class – and 67 per cent said they used it to incorporate simulations or game-play into their lessons.

Kathy Cook, dean of educational technology for University of Phoenix College of Education, which carried out the research, said of the findings: “With continuing advancements in technology, it can be difficult for districts and teachers to determine the best way to effectively use these tools … The good news is that technology integration has become a substantial component to teacher preparation and continuing education programs for teachers.”

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