Young people say bullying is an issue – OECD survey

Sad student with head in handsThe first OECD PISA assessment has asked for students’ responses to questions on their well-being.

Despite many young people being happy, the survey found that bullying was a significant problem in schools across the OECD countries. On average, around one student per class experiences physical bullying “at least a few times per month” – and the country-specific averages range between 1 and 9.5 per cent.

The study also found that incidences of bullying are lower in schools where the student-teacher relationship is positive.

The authors concluded that effective anti-bullying programmes should take a whole-school approach. Teachers should receive training on how to handle bullying and schools should conduct anonymous surveys to see how extensive the problem is. Parents should also be included in the strategy and be involved in school planning and responses to bullying.

Read more here from OECD

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