Zambian secondary schools still not really ready for ICT

keyboard 9Schools in Zambia are struggling to get on board with ICT as a compulsory subject in secondary schools.

Despite its introduction in 2015, there are neither enough computers nor enough staff to teach the subject. Pupils have had to study the subject over the last year, but many have still not been able to get enough – if any – experience of using the technology to support their learning.

The lack of trained staff to teach the subject is also of concern, with some teachers who have knowledge of computers taking on the role of training those who do not.

However, for the next academic year, the pressure is off slightly, as the government has said that the ICT exams will not be compulsory as they were this year. But it does want to continue to push ahead with introducing the country’s young people to technology in order to prepare them for the future.

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